“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
John 3:16

Dear Friend,

If you have a testimony that you would like to share with us on how this ministry has touched your life, please send us an e-mail at Ministering2You@msn.com or write us a short paragraph with a attached photo to Life In Christ Ministries, Attention: David & Betty Ladner, 4908 Rolesville Road; Knightdale, NC 27545.

May God Bless You!

Evangeslist David & Betty Ladner




__JUST WANTED TO UPDATE My TESTIMONY SOME: In 2006 I was miraculously healed in the first service I attended with this ministry, I have learned so much through the many times of sitting under this ministry and now I am walking in my calling in ministry with a Women's Ministry, youth ministry and revivals, as well as ministering with my husband in evangelistic meetings that have just begun. Pastor Betty gave us a word in 2006 about restoration of loss, as of May 29 th , in a few days we will close on our new home that was prophesied , as we had lost our home in a family / land situation 15 years ago. God has restored all, and I give him all the glory and honor. Thank you Pastor David and Betty Ladner for your obedience. My husband and I are picking up the baton in this area with getting out the truth of Gods word and with ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Michelle Millinor, NC


Pastors Betty and David Ladner, of Life in Christ Ministries, have enriched many lives, including my own. I met Betty and David about eight years ago at a time in my life when I needed a miracle.  As Betty laid hands on me, I felt the power of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit in a way that words cannot explain. I did receive my miracle!

A few years later I developed a lump in my breast that was going to have to be removed.  After Betty had prayed with me one night, I was completely healed. When I went for a follow-up x-ray, the lump was gone.  Through this ministry, I have been 'blessed beyond measure'.

You can always count on a word from God through Betty and David that will not only inspire you but will also speak growth to your soul.  They are spiritual warriors and teachers whose insight and leadership serve the progressiveness of all people. Their ability to connect with people is God-given and I am personally inspired and encouraged every time I am in their presence.

Betty Ladner, my spiritual mother, embodies God's limitless capacity to redefine and re-invision our journey in this life. She has deposited wells of practical wisdom and spiritual inspiration in my heart, mind and soul. Elizabeth Thiry - Bolivia, NC



When Betty Ladner talks, I listen...the word of God is all over her! At times, the atmosphere is simply electryfying at these incredible ministry meetings! She is a true prophet, sold out 100% for the Lord. I believe the Lord is using Betty in a most profound way to a dying world.

I have experienced physical, mental and emotional healing under Betty's ministry. And, I've personally witnessed hundreds of others who have been healed, delivered and set free from the gamut of inflictions in this world under her ministry. I appreciate that Betty is adament that those who attend her meetings, do not share ahead of time what is going on in their lives. Betty desires to hear only from the Lord, and I believe that she hears directly from the throne room of God. Kathy Welvang - Raleigh, NC


Betty and David
During the time you lived and ministered in eastern North and South Carolina, your ministry blessed so many people. Meeting after meeting, people were healed, miracles took place, and prophetic words were given. The lives touched will never be the same. Thanks to you, Betty and David Ladner for allowing God to use you in this end time hour.
 Love and prayers, Pam Harrelson


Pat Bliss-Virginia

One Sunday at a little Assembly of God church in Dunedin, Florida, sometime in 1988-89, while I was greeting people coming through the front door, a new couple walked in and introduced themselves as David and Betty Ladner. They had recently moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Lord instructed them to come to this area. We became friends right off and I was informed I was the first person they actually got to meet in Florida. Soon after their arrival at Dunedin Assembly, David was given the position of Sunday School Supervisor and Betty given the opportunity to teach. This was the first time Betty ever taught a class. She was nervous and maybe a little scared but she knew God had a plan for her life in ministry and this was the beginning. David was being prepared for full time ministry too - but in a different position that would go hand in hand with Betty’s prophetic calling. 

            I don’t know where to start in my relationship to their ministry. I have searched my notebooks and found a notation that I received a prophecy in December of 1990. So we will start from there. The prophesy began with “I’m grooming you for a higher and higher service. Hold fast! Don’t worry about your family.” I was praying for my husband’s salvation and it came to pass in 1992.  In December of 1991, after Betty and David moved to Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida, I spent a weekend with them. On the 28th, a Saturday evening, and Sunday the 29th, I received two prophetic messages which I will combine (from my notes) : 

My Child, you are to go into the prisons, have a ministry like Jesus himself in joy and love for the lost in prison. They hurt, they’re sinners. You will show the compassion and love of Jesus. You are to show others how to do this. 

I have never thought of a prison ministry, never met or saw a prisoner outside of TV. I was slain in the spirit twice in their home, both David and Dwayne had caught me. I still can see Betty leaning over me and saying in her southern twang “Pat, have you been thinking of prisoners? (No) Well it seems that is where the Lord wants you.” Soon after I was getting an inner urge to watch every cop show I could. My husband asked “what is this with cop shows?” I said I’m not sure so I told him about the prophecy and I think that is why I’m watching cop shows.

            My husband was not at all willing I go into prisons. I later did realize I couldn’t anyway at that time because I was not prepared yet by God. I found that out when one day in November 1992 when I was so miserable at my job, a prophecy came:

 " I see you crying unto ME, you want My arms around you but I’m allowing these thinks to happen at work to purify you. In among  the confusion where egos reign, I’m in control. I’m controlling you every day and all that is around you. Like I had Joseph in the dungeon then he came out to be royalty, you My Child will also. You’ll be used of Me to proclaim My Word."

How could I do otherwise but stay on the job? Still not happy but yet joyful inside of me.

         After my husband died in January 1993, I felt the inner urge to find a prison ministry - somewhere. Prison Fellowship was conducting volunteer classes middle that year. I attended. I went into a prison for the first time in September of 1993, felt like I was at home and haven’t looked back.  What has transpired ever since is phenomenal. For anyone thinking that I made myself do this ministry because of what Betty said has never experienced God’s calling. It is not natural to love your ministry if not deeply rooted in your spirit, especially in prison. You cannot con a con. If not real, they know it right off and your ministry is fruitless.

            I first participated in biblical seminars and bible studies on a regular basis as a Prison Fellowship volunteer. March 28, 1994 I was laid off from work. On April 30th  I received a message from Betty that laid out the entire ministry I would find myself doing: 

            -  Surrender to God

            -  I see you writing, a lot of writing, to the right authorities.

            -  You are to go to the library, look up appeals, the prison system.

            -  You will go where few have been in My search and walk.

            -  Keep notes on everything, like a diary and investigate. I am to write a book.

            -  Betty saw large and many spiral books.

            -  I’m an instrument to touch others. This is the beginning.


I did keep good notes from then on and by them I can give definite dates of when these things came to pass. I was eager, though there were no lawyers in my family tree to identify law with. But this is what God wanted, so be it!

            -  May of 1994, I had noted I was going to the criminal law library. Had been given a inmate’s file to look into. I prayed “Show me Lord where and what you want me to find.” I was led to study appeals, false imprisonment and sentencing issues. This was the start of many months going to the law library between temporary job assignments. Also received a prophetic message “I’ve given you the gift of wisdom. I’m going to use you in a mighty way. Going to give you a good mind.”  That was great news, law was not easy to understand to this neophyte.

            - August of 1994, I felt I needed to get some formal schooling so I enroled in my local Jr. College majoring as a Legal Assistant.

            - October 1994 two prophecies were given:

                        “I’m fixing to open new doors. Best doors you’ve ever been in. You’re in the learning process. I’m fixing to give you faith you’ve never had before.” And then in another message included “This is going to be a learning process for you to take it out on the highways and byways across America, saith God. I will touch many peoples’ hearts, lives and feed the Word of God not only with the law of God but the law of the land.”

This was the defining message as to where my prison ministry was going to be specializing in. I then started concentrating on the law in conjunction with knowing the Word.

            - April 1996 a prisoner filed my first action - an illegal sentence. I was/am called to do the legal work (I do the drafting, they file it) for the indigent on viable issues. The prisoner won relief, his sentence was reduced and he was released. I was hired by a criminal defense attorney in June. Had my first experience sitting at the defense table in a trial.

            -  June 1996 started a full time job with the defense attorney as his liaison between the jail inmates and the office. Thus began my legal career directly with prisoners and their cases. It also gave me the opportunity to share God’s Word with them - to give them hope.

            - February 1997, I took a part time job working in the law library. This lasted until 1999. This taught me to read and understand the books used in law: Treatises, Reporters, Statutes etc. Not only that, I had the opportunity to minister to the hurting coming to court and dropping by the law library.            

            I have mentioned all these events to show methodically how the prophecies came to pass. I’ve started a book online, writing about one of my innocence cases. I’ve been in places where few have been: jails and prisons including death row. I have counseled parents and other loved ones of prisoners. However, if it is wasn’t for the encouraging words and prophecies of Betty and David, I would have quit. Many tears and disappointments. I was discouraged so many times but would be revived with a word from Betty, for example “HE said you feel like you’ve been going in a circle but I have been doing a work in you.”  Now they have moved to California to bless so many there. Upon a phone call from Betty and David recently God has assured me He is not finished with me yet:

"Stand still! Stand still! I Am well pleased with you. You’ve reached out to others in My Name. I’ve poured into you and you are pouring out to others. You are a light in a dark world [prison life]. Continue on the path you are going. You will continue to be My servant to the very end. I am well pleased with you."

            What more can I say than that if anyone who attends Betty and David’s ministry meetings will be blessed. You will not find any where else a prophetic ministry like theirs. I know, I’ve lived it with them from the beginning. Trust me, you will filled with so much joy if you do attend. God Bless you all. Pat Bliss-Virginia                 



Dear Pastor Betty,

I was invited by someone to one of your meetings back in March of 2006. I was in constant pain and was on all kinds of pain medicines and muscle relaxers. The medication was not helping; in fact I became addicted to the pain medicine. After about two years of going to the Doctor all the time, the Dr. diagnosed me with Fybromayalsia. I could not work or even hold a cup of coffee without shaking from pain and weakness. I attended the meeting on March 05, 2006, Betty said someone was at the meeting in severe pain and needed to come forward. I went up front and she began to tell me about what I had been going through and prayed for me. When she put her hand on my head I felt a warm feeling on my head, then the warmth spread down to my feet and back up. When the warmth left, there was a cool sensation in all my joints and muscles. I immediately stopped hurting and have not hurt since! My emotions were even healed and my stomach. I am 43 now and I feel better than when I was in my 20's! I thank God for Betty and David and their obedience to God. I catch a meeting when I can, and I would strongly recommend anyone who can to do the same. I now am used by God in some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and teach children and minister to women just like Betty prophesied. Thank You God for Your Healing Power! 

Michelle Millinor -  Southport, NC


Dear Pastors David and Betty Ladner,

For about three years, I have been having female problems. I have been to the doctor multiple times, and I am always put on a new type of medication. However, nothing seems to work the way its supposed to. About two weeks ago, I went to the doctor again and had an ultrasound done. He found a very large cyst on my ovary and also thought I had severe endometriosis. The doctor took me to his office, looking very concerned, and told me that I really needed to have surgery as soon as possible. We scheduled surgery for two weeks later. A week before surgery, I went to one of Betty and David Ladners meetings in Shallotte, NC. Betty called me up and said the Lord had brought me there to tell me everything was going to be alright, and that I didn’t have to worry because his hand was upon me. She also told me He said that I would have dreams from Him. Thursday night before surgery on Friday, I had a dream that I had an ultrasound done, and as I was looking at the screen, I saw the hand of the Lord reach in and take that cyst away. Friday morning I went to the hospital for surgery, and after the surgery was over, my family and I realized that the Lord had already performed my surgery. The doctor told us there was no cyst to be found, and that I had hardly any endometriosis at all. He said everything looked very bright and healthy. I just thank God for what he has done for me! Have faith in Him and you will never ever be let down.    

Kristin - Shallotte, NC


Dear Mrs. Betty Ladner,

Last year I went to one of Betty and David’s services suffering with severe back pain. I had some problems with back pain in the past and had gone to a chiropractor for an adjustment. Well, the pain came back and when I went to their service I was in pain and very uncomfortable. Near the end of the service Betty called for anyone who was having pain in their backs to come up front and she would pray for them. I went up front along with several others and she prayed for our healing. Since that night the pain left and it has not returned. I thank God for their healing and prophetic ministry. Every time I go I see God’s power at work through Betty and David and I always go expecting God to do a miracle in someone’s life, and every time he does just that!

Marie - Shallotte, NC


Dear Mr. David and Mrs. Betty Ladner, 

I just felt like the Lord laid it on my heart to tell you that the word u gave to me last weekend in Luggoff (SC) was the igniter I needed to stir the fire once again. I have a very long testimonial that I won't share right now. I just wanted to say thank you for being obedient to the Lord and coming here. My name is Jackie and I'm the tall lady that you ministered to. I have a friend who also walks in the gift of prophesy and the Lord told me to receive that word by faith and I am. (2 or more witnesses) I have listened to it everyday. That saying that one word from the Lord can change your life holds true for me. I know it was a divine appointment that all 5 of us were there. I pray a 100 fold return back to your for ur obedience to our Lord and that His hand will continue to be with you and you prosper even while your soul prospers. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
His Love,                                                                                    


Dear Pastor Betty,

Approximately a year ago this week, at one of your Cary meetings, you prophesied that the "little one" that I had been praying for would come into my life and that it would be a little boy.  Well, I'm happy to tell you that I am now close to 9 months pregnant and although we chose not to find out the sex, my husband and I are positive it is the little boy that you saw when you prayed over me! 

I was hoping to be able to come to your meeting this coming Friday so that you could see the big belly, but I have developed gestational hypertension so as a precaution I am on bed rest until the baby comes.  The baby is due on February 6th, but I feel sure that it is going to come sooner than that as the last ultrasound says that he is already 8 pounds 5 ounces.     

I was so excited to get your post card that you have established regular meetings in Cary and I will plan on seeing you as soon as I can after the delivery.  I'll also send you a picture (of the new baby) and a write up to add to your testimonial page as you and your family have truly blessed MY life through the work you allow God to do through you!

I look forward to seeing you soon!



Mother Healed of Cancer 10-19-2013

Betty I am writing to praise out Lord and Thank Him and give Him Glory for the absolute and total healing of my mother. We came to one of your meetings in the summer of 2008 right after my mother had been diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. She had surgery at which time the Dr.’s said they could not remove all the cancer as it was on every organ. They started giving her massive chemotherapy and gave her a short time to live saying she would fight this with Chemo for the remainder of her short days.

At your meeting, as you were praying over her you said…. the Lord says “You shall live and not die and proclaim the Glory of the Lord”. Today my mother is totally cancer free!!!! She has not had to continue chemo through the years but did finish the initial course they had her on. They have continued to follow her through the years every six months with blood work and tests which all come back god. Her blood work comes back even better than the normal range. She has been totally healed for years now and is living to the Glory of the Lord as a living example that God is God. Nothing is too great for him!!!! Nothing, again I say nothing is impossible for our Lord.

I write this in the hopes that others facing giants whatever kind they may be, will know that we have Victory in Jesus. The blood of Jesus has already defeated the enemy and we have rights as sons and daughters. I pray that many will be encouraged and not accept ant Dr.’s word as the last word but rather look to the word of God as the last word…. for he sent his word and healed them. My mother would say when she looked in the mirror… out loud… thank you Lord that I am healed. She said it a long time before we saw the tests come back normal. She asked for healing, she receiver her healing, confessed her healing…and she is healed. She does have what she believed in her heart and said with her mouth. It was a process. She went through a lot as those who have been through chemo know. But the Lord was with her and saw her through. May the Lord be worshipped and praised forever. I thank the Lord for calling you Betty into ministry and using you to minister to his people healing and deliverance!!! I personally thank you for your love and your prayers!!! You truly can not know what it has meant to me and my family.

Deborah Wingard